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Sound Clips (mp3)

The Archbishop Little Gray Tabby  Sparky's Reel
Anita's Reel Live Oak Tecolote Hornpipe
Breakup Breakdown  Reel '94 Touch & Go
 Catnip Tea Runnels County Hornpipe Twin Peaks Reel
Dust Devils Sage Hill  
Fermat's Farewell  Slippery Slope  


Fiddlemaker's Jig  Miss Mollie's Jig Nance Can Dance
Heckle & Jeckle Mr. Buggles Who Knows?



After the Storm Green Eyes (les yeux verts) Old Friends & New
Chaparral Waltz Maple & Gold Waltz for Ann Marie
Dance of the Lemmings  Morning Light Waltz for Wendy
Gently Turn Rainy Sunday  



El Baile de los Entralzados (tango) Manzanita Rag Rattlesnake Rag
Blue Moon Hambo Mr. Sam's Ramble (polka) Yopper's Stride (rag)


Sound Clips (mp3)



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