*** New Tunes ***

"Well You Shouldn't"

"One-Legged Chicken"

"Rattlesnake Jig"

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"Against the Grain"

"Fire Creek"

"Edge of Remembrance"

"The Stumbling Monk"

(Lead Sheets)



"Dance of the Lemmings"

** Lead Sheet **

"Dance of the Lemmings"

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Sliding Scale Music is the certainly-not-for-profit project of Michael Mendelson - fiddler, guitarist and composer, fiddle scholar...

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"Fiddle Pieces"
15 original tunes for the fiddle -
bluegrass, contradance, celtic, rags, waltzes, a tango & more!


Sliding Scale Music




(6-July-2017) Two new tunes added:

"Well You Shouldn't" is an arrangement of the Thelonious Monk tune "Well You Needn't" as a jig
"One-Legged Chicken" is a moderate-tempo western swing / Dixieland tune
"Rattlesnake Jig" is the "Rattlesnake Rag" morphed into a Canadian jig
"Against the Grain" is a moderate-tempo bluegrass tune
"Fire Creek" is a straight-ahead, up-tempo bluegrass tune
"Edge of Remembrance" is a waltz
"The Stumbling Monk is a minor-to-major key jig


My tune "Dance of the Lemmings" was a winner in the 2011 Strings Without Boundaries composition competition.

The tune was chosen to be arranged for string orchestra by jazz instructor Dr. Martin Norgaard and performed at the final night of the workshop week.

A video of the performance of the tune can be found at:


In  the meantime you can hear my recording (and download a lead sheet) right here. Just check the links
at the left of this page.


"Fiddle Pieces"

15 original tunes for the fiddle
bluegrass, contradance, celtic, rags, waltzes and a tango

This is an Enhanced CD with the added features:

- The complete 1998 CD "A Fiddler's Notebook" in MP3 format
- Lead sheets (printable music) for all the tunes

Now available direct or at CD Baby and Elderly Instruments


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