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The Players


Anita Anderson   /   Gilles Apap

Tom Ball   /   Kenny Blackwell

Chris Cairns   /   Suzanne Duffy

Bill Flores   /   George Friedenthal

Bonnie Insull   /   Jack Joshua

Tom Lee   / Kurt MacInnis

Lorenzo Martinez   / Mike Mullins

Jeffrey Spero   / Brendan Statom

Dave Tolegian   / David West




The Tunes

  1)    YopperӴride

  2)    After the Storm

  3)    El Baile del los Entralazados
(襠Dance of Entanglement쯦ont>

  4)    Manzanita Rag

  5)   Tecolote Hornpipe

  6)   Rainy Sunday

  7)   Blue Moon Hambo

  8)   Miss Mollie / Nance Can Dance

  9)   Sage Hill / Catnip Tea

  10) Chaparral Waltz / Maple & Gold

  11)  Rattlesnake Rag

  12)  Morning Light

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A Fiddler's Notebook

Contradance, old-timey and Celtic tunes with a bit of western swing, jazz and a few musical oddities...

This is a collection of 18 original tunes for dancing and listening, including reels, jigs, waltzes, a polka,  and a few surprises!

Guest musicians include:

Anita Anderson / Gilles Apap / Tom Ball

Kristina Eriksen / Bo Fox / Tom Lee

Steve Lewis / Brian Mann /Tony Marcus

Mike Mullins / Jakub Jerzy Omsky

Suzie Richmond / Sue Rudnicki / Jeffrey Spero

 Chris Symer / Dave Tolegian / David West

Jim Wimmer / Tom Wolverton


Granite Tapestry

Presenting a wide variety of music, ranging from fiddle tunes to folk to reggae to swing to acoustic versions of rock classics. The band performed at such venues as the Live Oak Music Festival, Santa Barbara༯font> Old Fiesta Days and the SoHo music club from 1988-1998.











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