Lead Sheets
(Printed Music)

"No One Ever Got Rich Playing Folk Music..."

I have spent many years playing what might generically be called "folk music", primarily on guitar and fiddle.

My influences include bluegrass, swing, blues, western swing, Cape Breton fiddling, Bach, English country dance, contradance and a myriad of other traditions.

My music reflects all these influences and more...


MP3 Tune Clips

Contradance Calls

Stories Behind the Tunes




Against the Grain Fire Creek Sage Hill
The Archbishop  Little Gray Tabby Slippery Slope
Anita's Reel  Live Oak Sparky's Reel
 Breakup Breakdown  One-Legged Chicken Tecolote Hornpipe
Catnip Tea Reel '94 Touch & Go
Dust Devils   Runnels County Hornpipe Twin Peaks Reel
Fermat's Farewell    
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Fiddlemaker's Jig Mr. Buggles Stumbling Monk
Heckle & Jeckle Nance Can Dance Who Knows?
Miss Mollie's Jig Rattlesnake Jig  



After the Storm Gently Turn Rainy Sunday
Chaparral Waltz Green Eyes (les yeux verts) Old Friends & New
Dance of the Lemmings  Maple & Gold Waltz for Ann Marie
Edge of Remembrance  Morning Light Waltz for Wendy



El Baile de los Entrelazados (tango) Maxwell's Rag Well You Shouldn't
Blue Moon Hambo Mr. Sam's Ramble (polka) Yopper's Stride (rag)
Manzanita Rag Rattlesnake Rag  


These tunes are all copyright (?) by Michael Mendelson & Sliding Scale Music (BMI).

However, as these compositions are inspired by the "folk process",  and in the spirit of those traditions, I encourage you to  freely download and distribute the lead sheets, and to play the tunes at dances, jam sessions, concerts and community events.

If you plan to record a tune or otherwise use one in a commercial  endeavor, please contact me.  In many cases I will either waive any royalty fees, or at least promise an extremely reasonable deal!

Check out the web site at Creative Commons for a rational approach to copyright.


email: info@SlidingScaleMusic.com

Copyright [1987 - 2018] by Michael Mendelson & Sliding Scale Music (BMI)
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